Notice of Motion - M5 East Motorway Toll

29 July 2020

Notice of Motion: M5 East Motorway Toll


That this House:

(1) Notes motorists have been able to drive on the M5 East Motorway toll-free since it was opened by the Labor Government in 2001.

(2) Condemns the Government for imposing a new tax on an old road by implementing a $6.95 each-way toll on the M5 East Motorway despite no upgrades to the road.

(3) Calls on the Government to scrap this appalling and unfair toll which will have a devastating impact on household budgets in South-West Sydney and Western Sydney, costing motorists more than $3,300 a year.

(4) Calls on the Members for Oatley, Holsworthy, East Hills, and Camden to do the right thing by their communities by supporting this Notice of Motion (General Notice).

(Notice given 29 July 2020—lapses 30 October 2020)