Macquarie Fields Electorate Services

29 May 2019

Mr ANOULACK CHANTHIVONG (Macquarie Fields) (19:23): I think it is fitting that my first Private Member's Statement in the 57th Parliament sets out exactly what my constituents and I expect from this Liberal Government to ensure we get our fair share. We have great expectations that promises will be met and common sense will prevail. 

First, I am honoured to serve another term and continue to fight for our community's fair share.

The first election promise was for a new commuter car park at Edmondson Park train station, an issue that I, along with my Federal colleague, Ms Anne Stanley, the Member for Werriwa, had campaigned on well before the Liberals thought it was needed.

The ridiculous lack of parking at Edmondson Park station is untenable. Commuters should not have to risk a parking fine just to catch the train on time to get to work or where they need to be. Before the election, the Member for Holsworthy boasted that construction of 700 new spaces would start this year. Accordingly, my constituents and I expect to see the promised $40 million in June's budget. Anything less, of course, will be a broken election promise.

My constituents could be forgiven for doubting the Liberal-Nationals Government's commitment to infrastructure, given its appalling record in my electorate. 

It is appalling that my constituents have been repeatedly overlooked in relation to fair access to railway stations, in particular, a lift at Macquarie Fields train station. There has been a blatant politicisation of station upgrades under this Government. Upgrades have been committed to other stations, despite data and evidence showing a greater need for a lift at Macquarie Fields station. I note that in his Private Member's Statement the Member for Ku-ring-gai outlined funding at a number of stations in his electorate for the provision of a lift. What about my electorate?

And let us not forget the skulduggery in funding a lift at Hawkesbury River station, which barely has 1,000 trips per week, compared to Macquarie Fields, which has many thousands more trips. I expect the Transport Minister to stop playing games and give Macquarie Fields its fair share and fund a lift at the train station. 

Only weeks ago in this Chamber the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces proclaimed the importance of open spaces and green corridors. He said that open spaces and green corridors were "important for physical and mental health and wellbeing in our communities", and "they enhance and preserve our biodiversity, our bushland and Sydney's beauty".

My challenge to the Minister is, if he believes what he said about green open space, stop the sale of the valuable land at Hurlstone Agricultural High School. He should not sit back and do nothing as this Government sells the valuable land to greedy developers. The constituents in Macquarie Fields expect nothing less from a Minister who purports to value green open space.

This Liberal-Nationals Government also promised to open a new Service NSW Centre in Prestons or Edmondson Park. In one of the fastest growing areas of metropolitan Sydney, this is a must for my local community. 

The Liberal-Nationals Government has made our lives harder by closing both Ingleburn and Campbelltown motor registries, and quite rightly people in my local community are unhappy. My local community expects a new Service NSW Centre to be located in the Campbelltown local government area, which has more than 150,000 residents and is growing, to better serve local residents. 

I know that this request will continue to fall on deaf ears. The Liberal-Nationals Government has a woeful track record on this issue and I am sure it will continue to ignore the needs of my constituents.

I have set out a very clear set of expectations for this Government. This is not an exhaustive list. There are many issues facing the people of south-west Sydney that this Government ignores: the need for a fairer timetable and better train services; the destruction of the Scenic Hills; the long overdue heritage listing of the extended curtilage at Varroville Homestead; and the overdevelopment of our area has only resulted in more congestion and turned our suburban charm into a developer's dumping zone. 

It is crucial for the Liberal-Nationals Government to meet those expectations, sooner rather than later. We have waited far too long already. 

I truly hope we are not left disappointed by this Liberal-Nationals Government, but I am wise enough to know that I should not hold my breath.