M5 East Toll Petition - Reply

12 November 2020

Mr ANOULACK CHANTHIVONG (Macquarie Fields) (16:30:46) — In reply: I thank members representing the electorates of Kogarah, Gosford, North Shore, Terrigal and Miranda for their valuable contributions.

I note that the Member for Camden is in the Chamber. I thought he was a mannequin, because he has not said anything. Somebody move his arms. It is Weekend at Bernie's here, colleagues.

One would think he would take this opportunity to speak up for his community. But what do we hear? There is nothing at all; total silence.

I am amazed that the first two speakers in this important debate were the Member for North Shore and the Member for Terrigal, who would not even know where the M5 East is. They would never have paid to use it.

The Government says that petitions should be heard—the voice of the community should be heard—in this place. Yet it does not listen, it does not care and it does not change its ways. It says it understands the financial impact but does nothing.

What does it say about this Liberal Government that it places this financial impact on people in south-west Sydney?

The toll is $6.95 each way, increasing by 4 per cent every year for decades to come. It is a lot of money for a lot of families.

Yet the Government does not care.

One would have thought the Minister for Transport and Roads would be here to contest this issue, given it is so important.

But he sends members who have probably never travelled on the M5 East or paid the toll. The only time they use the road is probably on their way to the snow.

It is just not fair. It says that this Liberal Government does not listen to the people in south-west Sydney and it does not care. It is unacceptable. The M5 East toll is a new tax on an old road that has been free for 20 years.