Al Faisal College Minto

12 August 2015

Community Recognition Statement

 Mr ANOULACK CHANTHIVONG (Macquarie Fields) [1.18 p.m.]: Education and a stable learning environment are fundamental to a prosperous and successful society. On Monday 15 June I had the pleasure of meeting students and teachers at Al Faisal College Minto at their school assembly. What was once the site of an old squash court is now a place full of students who will become responsible future citizens making a valuable contribution to our community. I was impressed with how polite and organised the students were in the way they presented themselves to guests attending that day.

Two young students, Kawther and Fatima, did a wonderful job as emcees with their public speaking skills, showing no signs of nerves. The voices of students from across the different grades sang the national anthem, and Woodley and Newton's We are Australian with enthusiasm and energy. Visiting Al Faisal also gave me the chance to again meet Fatima and Intissar, two students I had met earlier at the school's event at Parliament House. Both embody the aspirations and futures of young Australian Muslim women. I am confident that with dedication and hard work they will achieve great things in their lives and make valuable contributions to our community. I had an enjoyable visit and wish each student every success.