Stokes lets genie out of the bottle over STEM comments

04 April 2018

The Government’s hypocrisy and inconsistency has once again been laid to bare following recent comments by the Minister for Education on STEM, says Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong MP.

In a Sydney Morning Herald article dated 21 March 2018, Minister for Education Rob Stokes MP says the push to promote STEM subjects such as science and maths above other disciplines was an act of “intellectual snobbery”.
Mr Stokes argued schools should avoid educational “fads” such as STEM, and that “STEM as a concept has become a buzzword”.  

Mr Chanthivong slammed the Berejiklian Liberal Government in light of the Minister’s comments.

“Minister Stokes has laid bare the Government’s true agenda over its decision to move Hurlstone Agricultural High School from its current site at Glenfield to the Hawkesbury campus of Western Sydney University, and sell the school’s farm.

“Stokes has let the genie out of the bottle. The Minister has made it clear that the Hurlstone decision was never about STEM, never about education and the future of our young students. Instead, the Hurlstone decision was a greedy cash grab from a hypocritical and reprehensible Liberal Government.

“Stokes’ comments make a farce of the Government’s own spin machine, which was only too happy to make STEM the major focus of its grand announcement back in 2015 and use STEM as a buzzword to sell the new Hurlstone model.

“This is the same Government that once promised to save Hurlstone and yet reneged on that promise and sold out on our community. You just can’t trust this Government.”