Statement regarding new restrictions for LGAs of concern

20 August 2021

“I know that the rest of Sydney which is full of good and fair people will look at these new restrictions and recognise the fundamental unfairness for people in western and south-west Sydney.

“In the same way as the people of western and south-west Sydney have shouldered the burden of lockdown while continuing to help keep our city running, the Premier should be asking the whole of Greater Sydney to share this burden and introduce the curfew uniformly, not piecemeal.  The delta variant does not recognise nor respect LGA Sydney boundaries.

“The Premier has already said that when anyone anywhere leaves the house, they should assume they have COVID. So why are the people of western and south-west Sydney the only ones being asked to endure a curfew and the harsher restrictions?

“These new selective measures unfairly target western and south-west Sydney, despite an overwhelming response to calls to get vaccinated. Local residents have waited for up to four hours to get the jab and authorised workers have been getting tested regularly to keep us all safe and ensure essential services continue to operate.

“I am proud of my local Macquarie Fields and other parts of South Western and Western Sydney in how they responded to the pandemic.  We are partners in the solution and should not be treated as targets.

“South-west and western Sydney are doing their bit to help get us out of lockdown. My office has been inundated with calls for assistance to better understand the ever-changing restrictions because people want to do the right thing. And yet the Liberal Government’s response is to unfairly target south-west and western Sydney with new restrictions.

“We're all in this together, aren't we Premier?”