School Road Safety is no accident

10 February 2020

With kids back at school across the Macquarie Fields electorate, Shadow Minister for Active Transport Jo Haylen joined local MP Anoulack Chanthivong at Bardia Public School today to launch the School Safety Survey and put school safety front and centre.

The survey is open to parents, carers, teachers and local residents and invites people to report concerns about safety for families that walk or ride to school.

Survey responses will help find ways to improve safety, encourage more families to walk and ride and pressure the State Government and local councils to make the changes our community needs.

Member for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong MP, said: “The survey is an opportunity to voice concerns about road safety in and around our local schools, and look at ways to encourage more children to walk or cycle to school.

“Whether it is better transport connections, more signage, greater traffic management or improved road conditions – we want to hear from you.

“Walking or riding to school has wide-ranging health benefits for children and helps to reduce congestion on our roads, which are already under enormous strain.

“I continue to listen to the concerns expressed by parents, grandparents and carers at Bardia Public School regarding the ongoing traffic chaos and encourage the school community to support my survey to help improve safety for all road users.”

Mr Chanthivong has made repeated calls to the Liberal Government to fast-track the installation of traffic lights at Bardia Public School, at the intersection of Arthur Allen Drive and new MacDonald Road. Currently, traffic lights are scheduled for 2026. The NSW Department of Education’s School Infrastructure NSW has commissioned a traffic management plan to provide justification for the installation of traffic lights at the intersection be brought forward.

“But how long will this plan take and how soon will the traffic lights be installed? I truly hope it does not take a tragedy to prompt this Liberal Government into action.”

Jo Haylen MP, Shadow Minister for Active Transport, said: “It won’t come as a surprise to most parents or carers that of the million or so school students that travel to and from school each day, only 30% will get there by walking or riding, compared to 75% forty years ago.

“This survey will help make it clear where improvements can be made and where we can get our kids and local communities moving again.”

The School Safety Survey can be completed online at

(Note: If people are unable to complete the survey online, they can contact the Office of Anoulack Chanthivong MP on 9618 2077 for assistance.)