Rallying cry for more support classes in schools as demand skyrockets

16 March 2022


Macquarie Fields MP Anoulack Chanthivong has launched a campaign demanding the Liberal Government urgently fund more support class placements in local public schools after it was revealed families and children are missing out on crucial support despite skyrocketing demand.

Data obtained from the NSW Department of Education shows approvals for support class placements in our local schools dropped from 85% in 2017 to 57% in 2020. Similarly, approvals for integration funding support dropped from 86% in 2017 to 19% in 2020.

Parents have submitted more than 1100 requests for support class placements since 2014, with nearly 500 families missing out.

“It is clear that the Liberal Government has failed parents, failed our teachers, failed our public education system and, above all, failed our kids,” Mr Chanthivong said.

“There are simply not enough support class placements, or funding, to meet the growing needs of my local community.

“Parents’ voices, once a whisper, have now become a rallying cry for more support classes in our public schools as demand continues to skyrocket.

“Long waiting lists for support places or extra in-class support mean that additional pressures are being placed on teachers and other students. The Liberal Government must urgently fund more support classes in our local schools.”

Mr Chanthivong said he was often contacted by parents desperate for help to get their child enrolled in a support class at one of our local public schools.

Support classes are designed to meet the needs of students with different abilities or learning support needs, such as those with autism, an intellectual disability, behavioural issues or mental health issues.

“Every child has a right to be fully supported to reach their full potential,” Mr Chanthivong said.

“I will continue to fight for additional funding and specialist support placements in our local public schools because our children deserve no less. Our children deserve their fair share.”

To support Mr Chanthivong’s campaign for more support classes, sign the online petition at https://www.connectwithanoulack.com/petitions/fund-more-support-classes-in-our-local-schools/ or contact his office on 9618 2077.