Put brakes on development in Macquarie Fields too, local MP says

17 May 2018

Anoulack Chanthivong MP has called on the State Liberal Government to put an urgent freeze on development in his electorate of Macquarie Fields, saying that infrastructure is struggling to cope and playing catch-up is no longer an option.

Mr Chanthivong’s plea follows the State Government’s announcement yesterday that new housing proposals in Ryde will not be assessed or progressed until a review of local infrastructure and planning laws. The Government has also deferred in Ryde and Canterbury Bankstown the start of a new low-rise, medium-density housing code, which makes it easier for home owners to convert properties into low-rise dwellings.

“If the Government can slam the brakes on development in Ryde, then it can slam the brakes on development in the Macquarie Fields electorate too. This Liberal Government is full of inconsistencies and hypocrisy – all to save its own skin,” Mr Chanthivong said.

“Our community has been playing catch-up with infrastructure for decades and it has to stop. People in my local area want to see firm action on infrastructure before people move into a suburb.

“We must not repeat the planning mistakes of the past.”

Mr Chanthivong has been fighting overdevelopment in his electorate and said his recent Stop the Squeeze survey had resonated with constituents.  

“My electorate has done more than its fair share, and continues to squeeze thousands of new residents into our suburbs like sardines.

“Constituents have emphatically told me that the electorate is at breaking point. A lack of commuter car parking, overcrowded schools, inadequate transport, disappearing green spaces and worsening congestion are all diminishing people’s quality of life.

“Funded commitments by the State and Federal Liberal Governments to improve vital infrastructure and community services in my electorate are grossly inadequate. Growth must be matched by our fair share of resources to meet our current and future needs as our area continues to grow.

“Development in our suburbs is out of control and unless we put the brakes on now, we are set to lose the local suburban character and charm that we have come to know and love. 

Mr Chanthivong said Edmondson Park was one of the fastest growing suburbs of Sydney and yet there was currently no public primary and public high school to cater for the thousands of people moving to the area.
The Edmondson Park commuter car park is at crisis point, with spaces completely full by the morning peak and some commuters risking adding the cost of a parking fine to their travel.

“All we want is a fair go and our fair share of infrastructure. It’s time for the Liberal Government to hit the brakes on development in the Macquarie Fields electorate and Stop the Squeeze.”