Local MP sends wish-list to Santa for electorate’s ‘fair share’

02 December 2015

After weeks of trying to spot Premier Baird around the Macquarie Fields electorate, and months of calling for his community to be given its fair share, one local MP decided that his wish-list needed a little help from an old and trusted friend and so he penned a note to Santa and posted it on Facebook.

In the letter, Anoulack Chanthivong, Member for Macquarie Fields, writes: ‘Dear Santa, I gave up on Premier Baird delivering my wish-list, so I’m wondering if you might be able to help? I don’t need a shiny new car or another pair of socks. I just want my electorate of Macquarie Fields to receive its fair share.’

Mr Chanthivong said the letter expressed frustration at Premier Baird for overlooking the electorate for so long.

“I realise that Santa is a busy man at this time of year, but given Premier Baird isn’t listening, someone has to deliver the goods to our community. Of course, whether you believe in Santa or not, the chances of having our wish-list considered fairly by the jolly man in the red suit is markedly more likely at this stage than by Premier Baird himself.

“I’m certainly willing to take our chances to see that Macquarie Fields receive its fair share,” Mr Chanthivong added.

The 2015 wish-list for the electorate of Macquarie Fields includes saving Hurlstone and its farm from being sold off to developers, reopening of the Ingleburn Motor Registry office, a lift for Macquarie Fields Station to make it accessible to all, more commuter car parking and less road congestion, more trains stopping at Macquarie Fields station, newer trains running to Parramatta and a Premier that visits the electorate once in a while.

Mr Chanthivong added: ‘I’m sure Rudolph will get here quicker than Premier Baird!’