Local MP says NSW Budget fails to deliver fair share for community

21 June 2022

Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong MP says the tired, nearly 12-year-old Liberal Government’s 2022 Budget has failed to deliver for his electorate. 

“Once again, zero dollars from this Liberal Government to fund a long overdue accessibility upgrade at Macquarie Fields Station.

“Our community is repeatedly overlooked when it comes to fair access to railway stations. How much longer must our community wait? I’ve been fighting for a lift at Macquarie Fields Station since first elected in 2015 and I won’t give up.

“It is unacceptable and grossly unfair that people with disability, the frail and elderly and people with prams or luggage are unable to use Macquarie Fields Station due to the Liberal Government’s neglect.”

Mr Chanthivong said funding for the construction of Edmondson Park primary and high schools was welcome but long overdue. The primary school is due to open its doors in 2023, yet for many children it will be too late.

“I’ve long been running a community campaign for a primary and high school in Edmondson Park. Under this Liberal Government, infrastructure has failed to keep pace with growth.

“Parents moved to Edmondson Park years ago and are frustrated that their children will miss out on the new primary school and are still waiting for a high school. It’s simply not good enough.

Mr Chanthivong said he would be calling on planning for the high school to be fast-tracked so construction can start as a matter of priority.

“Families have waited too long for local schools to be delivered and our children deserve better,” he said. “The time to deliver local schools for local children is now.”

Mr Chanthivong said local families were doing it tough and cost of living pressures were taking a toll. 

“Under the NSW Liberals, we are seeing a cost of living crisis with increased fines, increased tolls, increased taxes, record inflation and flat wages.

“The NSW Liberal Government has consistently failed to deliver much-needed infrastructure to support our growing communities.

“All my community wants is a fair go and its fair share.”