Local MP launches petition for a school in Edmondson Park

12 May 2020

Member for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong MP, has launched a petition calling on the Liberal Government to fast-track the delivery of a school in Edmondson Park and include funding for construction in the upcoming Budget.

It has been more than a year since the Liberal Government put the planning process for a new school in Edmondson Park on hold.

“It’s simply not good enough that a new school could be up to four years away, and meanwhile Edmondson Park families are having to travel considerable distance to send their children to school,” Mr Chanthivong said.

“The Liberal Government has collected millions in stamp duty from local residents – it’s about time they built a school.

Where is our fair share?”

Mr Chanthivong said the Edmondson Park community was angry and frustrated after a string of failures by the Liberal Government to deliver basic infrastructure for the fast-growing community.

“Whether it is more commuter car parking, a Service NSW Centre or a school, Edmondson Park desperately needs vital infrastructure and services to support a growing population. Yet, time and time again, the Liberal Government has broken promises and failed to deliver for the Edmondson Park community.

“I share the frustration of local parents who just want to send their kids to a local school,” Mr Chanthivong added.

In a comparison of school delivery in the local area, Gledswood Hills Public School was delivered within two years and 10 months. As of May 2020, Edmondson Park School plans are still on hold after one year and two months.

“We refuse to be ignored any longer. I call on the Liberal Government to build a school in Edmondson Park now.”

Sign the petition for a school at Edmondson Park at https://www.letsbackanoulack.com/petitions/build-a-school-at-edmondson-park/