Green city plan must not repeat past planning mistakes, local MP says

16 March 2018

State Member for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong MP, says Campbelltown Council’s vision for massive growth in the region is ambitious but sadly unrealistic.

“In my experience, expensive glossy brochures and artists’ impressions are very different to the actual reality,” he said.

“Around 2000 constituents have completed my Stop the Squeeze survey and have emphatically told me that our city is at breaking point. A lack of commuter parking, overcrowded schools and hospitals, inadequate transport services, disappearing green spaces and worsening congestion are all severely diminishing their quality of life.

“If our area can’t cope with a current population of 167,000, how do we cope with 275,000 people without funded commitments to improve vital infrastructure and community services?”

Mr Chanthivong said Council’s plan would only work if the State and Federal Liberal Governments stopped ignoring the needs of our community and gave us our fair share of resources to meet our current and future needs as we continue to grow.

“Don’t be fooled. The Liberals’ record in delivering for South West Sydney is abysmal.  We were short-changed in the City Deal when we missed out on a rail link connecting the Western Sydney Airport to Macarthur and Leppington. 

“And we have a State Liberal Government that can’t commit to a lift at Macquarie Fields Station or a larger commuter car park at Edmondson Park. The same State Liberal Government that has closed our two local motor registries, plans to sell the Hurlstone Farm and made unfair changes to our train timetables by adding to already long commutes while lumping us with non-air conditioned trains.  

“And yet, we are expected to trust them to provide the billions required in crucial infrastructure we need to support Council’s plan? 

“I am not fooled and my community will not be fooled by the Liberals’ empty promises.”

Mr Chanthivong said it was time we learnt from past mistakes and stopped playing catch-up with infrastructure.

“Plans like this only lead to congestion and make our city unsustainable and unlivable if they are not backed by funded commitments for better services and infrastructure now – not at a future undetermined date.

“It is the people in our community, their kids and grandkids, who will suffer from the lack of investment that is required to support this ambitious plan.”

Mr Chanthivong’s Stop the Squeeze survey is seeking community feedback on the State Government’s plans to unleash high-rise monstrosities around train stations from Glenfield through to Macarthur.

“The overwhelming message from my local residents is this – development is out of control in our suburbs and people have had enough. They want to see firm action on infrastructure before more people move into our suburbs.  The planning mistakes of the past must not be repeated.”