Going, going, gone…? Liberal Government to blame for Hurlstone Country Fair’s imminent demise

20 August 2018

It is only a matter of time before the farm gate will permanently shut on Hurlstone Agricultural High School’s annual Country Fair at Glenfield and the Liberal Government is solely to blame, says the Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong MP. 

Mr Chanthivong has long been fighting to save the Hurlstone Farm and stop the school’s imminent move to the Hawkesbury in a deal with Western Sydney University, announced by the Liberal Government back in late 2015. Under the deal, the Hurlstone Farm – home of the Country Fair – would be sold to developers to make way for more concrete and congestion.

“After more than 80 years of bringing a touch of the country to the city, this year’s Country Fair could well be the last. When the farm gate does finally shut on the Hurlstone Country Fair, it will be the end of an era and our community will mourn its loss,” said Mr Chanthivong.

“All because of a greedy land grab by this Liberal Government at the expense of our community. It’s simply not fair that kids from our region are being robbed of the opportunity to experience this proud Hurlstonian tradition. 

“Just as it’s not fair that we are set to lose an educational icon and our precious green open space is being destroyed. When the bulldozers rock up it will all be too late.

“I have consistently and vehemently opposed the sale of the Hurlstone Farm and my position has not changed. I also remain steadfastly opposed to the school moving to the Hawkesbury.

“The Hurlstone Farm and the school belong at Glenfield. I won’t give up the fight.

“My community has made it very clear that they won’t stand for the Liberal Government’s out-of-control development agenda at the expense of our green open space, our suburban character and our quality of life.

“Hands Off Hurlstone and Stop the Squeeze.”

The Hurlstone Country Fair will be held on Saturday 8 September.