Final chance to save our Scenic Hills, as MP calls for fight to continue

16 March 2018

Speak up now before it is too late. That’s the message Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong is sending as he calls on the community to voice their strong opposition to the proposed development of our iconic Scenic Hills.

Submissions for a development application by the Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust to develop a 136,000-plot cemetery on the Scenic Hills close on Friday 23 March 2018.

Mr Chanthivong, who has consistently opposed any development of the subject land, said the Scenic Hills had been protected and preserved by the Campbelltown community for generations and this should not change.

In a submission to Campbelltown City Council, Mr Chanthivong said he held grave fears that the application for a cemetery would mark the beginning of the end for our Scenic Hills.

“The ongoing protection of the subject land in Varroville and our Scenic Hills is vital. Anything less would be too little, and sadly, too late.

“The community has fought long and hard to protect the Scenic Hills from development. Approving this development application would forever change the character and destroy the Scenic Hill’s unique environmental heritage,” he said.

Mr Chanthivong also pointed to the Liberal Government’s recent announcement to secure historic Fernhill Estate at Mulgoa for community green open space – a site that had been canvassed by the Rookwood General Cemeteries Trust for a massive new Crown Cemetery.

“It begs the question – what about Varroville and protecting the Scenic Hills for future generations? Why does green open space in Mulgoa deserve protection any more than green open space in Varroville? It is one rule for the Liberals and another for the rest of us and our community has had enough of these appalling double-standards.

“Time is fast running out to save our much-loved Scenic Hills so I urge people to speak up now before it’s too late.

“I look forward to Campbelltown Council upholding its traditional position on this issue and doing all it can to protect the Scenic Hills now and into the future,” Mr Chanthivong said.

Submissions on the Scenic Hills development proposal can be made online at or by emailing [email protected] by 23 March 2018.