Development application ‘beginning of the end’ for Hurlstone at Glenfield

06 February 2017

Local MP Anoulack Chanthivong has outlined his staunch opposition to a development application (DA) for Hurlstone Agricultural High School, which will see 140 hectares of the school’s farmland carved up for more urban splatter and the school uprooted and moved to the Hawkesbury, some 50 kilometres away.

In a letter of objection to Campbelltown City Council, Mr Chanthivong stated that now more than ever the fight to save Hurlstone was both important and necessary, or else the community would stand to lose its educational and environmental heritage forever.

“If the Liberal Government’s proposal goes ahead, gone forever will be the Hurlstone Farm and vital green open space that provides a green buffer between Liverpool and Campbelltown.

“Gone forever will be Hurlstone’s proud agricultural heritage at Glenfield, and gone forever will be the opportunity for our young students to study agriculture locally at one of the best performing high schools in the State.

“I’m fed up with the Government’s out-of-control spin machine telling us that this proposal is a better deal for our community. It is not. If the Government’s sell-off of the Hurlstone Farm goes ahead and the school moves from Glenfield, our community stands to lose – and lose greatly. It’s nothing more than a greedy land grab,” Mr Chanthivong said.

Mr Chanthivong labelled the proposed destruction of Hurlstone’s agricultural heritage ‘shameful’ and said the loss of 140 hectares of farmland would be an ‘irreversible blight on one of the last remaining green belts in Sydney’.

“The development application is the beginning of the end for Hurlstone at Glenfield. I call on Council to uphold its traditional position on this issue and do all it can to secure Hurlstone’s long-term future at Glenfield on a farm for the benefit of the local community.”

Mr Chanthivong has fought hard and long to stop the sell-off of Hurlstone and highlight the Government’s hypocrisy over its decision. He has also written to the new Minister of Education, Rob Stokes, seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the future of Hurlstone Agricultural High School at Glenfield.

“Our community deserves better and I will continue to fight for Hurlstone’s future at Glenfield, where it belongs,” Mr Chanthivong said.