Change Vaccination Booking System to allow NSW residents to get their second dose sooner rather than later

10 September 2021

NSW Labor is today calling on the Liberal Government to do all it can to facilitate people
wanting to bring forward their second dose appointment for the Pfizer vaccine.

During August and early-September, authorised workers in LGAs of concern were offered
“Priority LGA” Pfizer appointments eight weeks apart at NSW Health vaccination clinics.

Despite increased vaccine supplies in the state, frustrated residents have taken to social
media to lament the fact the NSW Health booking system will not allow them to reschedule
their second dose appointments to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

As NSW enters its 12th week of lockdown and with the Government announcing a roadmap
out once NSW hits 70 per cent double dose vaccine rates, NSW Labor are calling on the
Liberal Government to open up second dose appointments to those wanting protection
sooner rather than later.

NSW Shadow Minister for Health Ryan Park said, “We know vaccines are the key to New
South Wales getting out of lockdown, and the increased supplies of Pfizer secured, means
people may be able to get their second dose earlier than anticipated.”

“We’re all in this together and the sooner we are all double dosed, the sooner we can come
out the other side.

“It’s incumbent on the NSW Government to prioritise areas of concerns, particularly SW and
WS – to ensure they have local vaccination hubs and enough resources and supply to
continue to get as many people vaccinated as early as possible,” Mr Park said.

Member for Macquarie Fields Anoulack Chanthivong said the state could potentially get to
70% double doses more quickly if the Liberal Government changed the booking system and
allowed people to reschedule their second dose appointment.

“It is a continuation of confusing messages that a person booking a Pfizer vaccination at a
NSW Health clinic today will receive their second dose before the thousands of people who
had their first dose in August,” he said.

“People in LGAs of concern overwhelmingly answered the call to be vaccinated but I’ve
heard many reports of people being unable to change their appointment despite wanting to
get full protection as quickly as possible. Our community have done the right thing during
this pandemic and it’s only fair that the Liberal Government supports them during these
difficult times.

“A change in the booking system may mean individuals can keep themselves, their loved
ones and their community safe from the virus and help the State achieve the vaccination
goal sooner rather than later.”