All Macquarie Fields wants for Christmas is its fair share, local MP says

06 December 2016

Member for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong MP, said the local community was frustrated and fed up with the Baird Liberal Government for cutting services, selling off public assets and not spending money on our local community.

“Our community deserves better. It’s grossly unfair that in late 2016 Macquarie Fields Station is still without a lift. But the Baird Liberal Government doesn’t care. Making the station accessible for all should be made a priority. We’re fed up with the lack of attention and action from Premier Baird and his Government.

“It’s appalling that this year’s Budget did not include a single dollar for vital projects such as the upgrade of Macquarie Fields Station, school maintenance projects or more commuter railway parking. The Baird Liberal Government boasted a surplus and yet completely ignored our community’s needs.

“All our community wants is a fair go and its fair share.”

In late 2015, Mr Chanthivong wrote a letter to Santa requesting a ‘fair share’ for the Macquarie Fields electorate after Premier Baird failed to meet his wish-list.

The wish-list included saving Hurlstone Agricultural High School and its farm from being sold off to developers, reopening the Ingleburn Motor Registry Office, installing a lift at Macquarie Fields railway station, newer trains to Parramatta, more commuter car parking and less road congestion – and a Premier that cares and visits our electorate.

“Twelve months down the track and the Baird Liberal Government has failed to deliver anything on the wish-list and failed to deliver its fair share to the Macquarie Fields electorate,” Mr Chanthivong said.

In the letter to Santa, Mr Chanthivong wrote: “The Baird Liberal Government has overlooked our community for too long. I don’t need a shiny new car or another pair of socks. I just want my electorate of Macquarie Fields to receive its fair share.”