Say No To The Unfair New Toll On The M5 East

Say No To The Unfair New Toll On The M5 East Main Image

NSW Liberal Government has introduced a new $6.95 each-way toll on the M5 East.

Since it was opened by a Labor Government in 2001, the M5 East has always been free – but now the NSW Liberal Government wants to make us pay.

We aren’t even getting any upgrades on the M5 East – this is just a big new toll on the same old road.

This new toll from the Liberal Government will be on top of the existing toll on the M5 South West – and it won’t be eligible for the M5 cashback.

For someone driving to the CBD 5 days a week, this new Liberal toll will cost more than $3,300 a year, and will increase every year by at least 4%.

At a time when our economy is in recession, making people in South West Sydney pay to use a road that’s always been free is unfair and economically irresponsible.

If you agree that this new toll from the Liberal Government is unfair, please sign the petition (link below).

If we can get 10,000 signatures on this petition we can make our voices heard and force the Government to debate it in Parliament.

Together, let’s send the NSW Liberal Government a strong message – South West Sydney says no to an unfair new toll on the M5 East!

Get a copy of my petition here