New sports high school for South-West Sydney

The Macarthur region is a nursery for elite sporting talent – a fact ignored by the Liberal Government over the past 12 years.

NSW Labor policy is to establish a new sports high school to cater for the growing number of gifted and talented athletes.

The policy will see a $4.1 million upgrade at Eagle Vale High School to benefit existing students and allow student athletes to enrol in Talented Sports Programs in the Macarthur region for the first time.

Frequently asked questions


What does the policy entail?

NSW Labor policy is to establish a sports high school at Eagle Vale to cater to talented young sportspeople in the Macarthur region which includes the local government areas of Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly.


Why is a sports high school needed in Macarthur?

The Macarthur region is experiencing rapid population growth, so it is important that educational infrastructure is in place to cater to the rising number of students calling this part of south-west Sydney home.

The closest sports high school to the Macarthur region is currently Westfield Sports High in the Fairfield local government area, with students having to travel between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours one way on public transport.

There are three schools catering for academically gifted students in the Macarthur region, with another one planned for the Leppington area. Similarly, there is a high school accommodating students talented in the creative and performing arts.

This policy recognises the need for Macarthur’s talented student athletes to have a public high school to foster their sporting and educational attributes.


What will happen to existing students at Eagle Vale High School?

There will be no change for existing students. Further, students who live within the local catchment area of Eagle Vale High School will continue to attend the school as normal.

As part of NSW Labor’s policy, Talented Sports Programs will be available in the Macarthur region for the first time at Eagle Vale High School.


Which sports will students be offered?

Initial sports being considered for Talented Sports Programs at the school are rugby league, soccer, netball, cricket and basketball based on participation rates, existing sporting associations and elite sporting clubs located in the Macarthur region.


How will the extra sporting students be accommodated at Eagle Vale High School?

There is significant capacity at Eagle Vale High School to cater for students in Talented Sports Programs. The 2021 enrolment cap for Eagle Vale High School was 1020 students. The 2021 enrolment at the school was 543 students.


Will existing parents/ carers at Eagle Vale High School subsidise the cost of running a sports high school?

No. Talented Sports Programs operate under a “user pays” system with each sport having an annual levy paid by the families of student athletes.


What facilities will be built at the sports high school?

Under the policy, initial capital works would likely include a multi-purpose hall, outdoor synthetic field and lighting, sporting oval improvements and change room upgrades. Sporting equipment and buses to transport students to competitions will also be required.


Will Eagle Vale High School change its name or uniform?

NSW Labor’s policy is to engage with the school community over any changes at the school moving forward.


Why was Eagle Vale chosen as the location for a sports high school?

Eagle Vale High School’s proximity to Campbelltown Station makes it convenient for students across the Macarthur region to access the school via public transport. Eagle Vale High School also has the enrolment capacity to accommodate Talented Sports Programs.