My fight against overdevelopment in Glenfield

My fight against overdevelopment in Glenfield Main Image

The Liberal Government has released plans that will forever change the nature of Glenfield.

Existing homes in Glenfield will be replaced with high-rise buildings of between 3 and 12 storeys in height. About 77 hectares of land at Hurlstone Agricultural High School will also be sold so green open space can be replaced with rooftops and high-rise flats.

Greedy property developers will make a fortune while residents will be left with the consequences of overdevelopment such as traffic congestion, lack of parking, overcrowded classrooms, packed trains and less green open space.

It's my job to stand up for our local community. That's why I'll never stop fighting for our fair share.

I refuse to be silent when the Liberal Government continues to unleash its overdevelopment agenda on south-west Sydney.

I will always demand funded commitments to the infrastructure our community needs. 

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